Book Recommendation #4: Process Consultation by Edgar Schein

Edgar Schein is a former professor of the MIT Sloan School of Management and is a notable mark on organizational development and culture. With multiple publications, experience and research under his belt his books have an extensive amount of information and can sometimes be a real academic read, though worth it. For those who want a less heavy read yet highly practical guide then Process Consultation is a perfect fit. It is both humble and realistic book on the delicate art of intervening at process levels of an organization without creating dependency on your clients. One of the big factors Schein points out is the difference between “content” consulting and “process” consulting which is something we believe is utterly important to distinct when changing an organization. We could probably recommend every publication by Schein but we think this book is one for facilitators whether or not they are consultants or managers.

You can purchase the book here

Also, check out the post where Kris starts differentiating project managers and facilitators if you are more interested in Content vs. Process: Facilitator & Project Manager — What’s The Difference?

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