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Book Recommendation #2 Facilitating with Ease! by Ingrid Bens

We think Facilitating with Ease is an intuitive book which provides more in-depth insights into the principles of facilitation than most. This is a book filled with practical applications for concrete situations and is filled with a good amount of exercises, surveys, and checklists for your own facilitation development. Ingrid Bens is very thorough and also brings forth important behaviors which most don’t always look for when facilitating. Whether you are new or an experienced facilitator, this is a great tool to review your own practice and approaches from time to time. We recommend using the book as a reference guide rather than reading it from beginning to end. You will find relevant chapters for the situations you are finding yourself in and can easily look at the others as well to gain new insights for many years to come.

You can find the book here

PS. This book is better in physical form rather than the digital version.

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