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About The Other Potential

The Other Potential is a tribe of people that believe in facilitation as a fundamental way to solve the challenges we are facing in the world. We are passionate about facilitation, leadership and education and we have immersed ourselves into experiences, on all continents, within facilitation in the last decades. We train people in facilitating collaboration and team development.

In a world where we have to respond to constant change and innovation, the ability to turn employees’ knowledge and skills into concrete results is vital. We believe that facilitation is the ability to create constructive processes, that bring teams towards the realization of their goals, visions and values. The art of facilitation builds on knowledge from several disciplines and fields of study such as psychology, education, sociology, organizational development and business management. By using our expertise within process design and facilitation we have helped businesses with organizational development, implementing innovative strategies as well as trained teams and leaders to be more creative and responsive.

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